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By “purchasing” silver, you are NOT saying good-bye to your money. You are merely “up-grading” it from an INFERIOR form (colored paper with a 100 year history of declining), to a SUPERIOR form with a 5,000 year history of stability!  A very smart thing to do. The financial system explained below is setting silver up for a move that will dwarf the silver spike of 1979.

You MUST begin to save silver, NOW! Not just to profit, but to protect your dwindling purchasing power and keep from being wiped out! When you read the truth exposed below, that has been hidden from the people for decades, you will understand WHY.

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How Your Wealth is being Stolen!

The “Wealth Thieves” don’t look like the fella above. No. They wear $5,000 suits and travel on private jets to their palatial mansions all around the globe. First, I’m going to tell you HOW your wealth is being stolen. Then, I’m going to tell you how YOU can be on the profitable side, preserving YOUR wealth and protecting your purchasing power during this Greatest Wealth Transfer in History!

The first thing you need to know is that the Federal Reserve is NOT part of the federal government as most people believe. It is actually a central bank, just like the Central Bank of France, of England, of Germany, etc. It is a private corporation, deceptively created and controlled by its stockholders, most of whom are the same international elite financiers who control and profit from all the other central banks of the world. This fact was hidden from the American people for the better part of a century! (Sometime, Google “quotes about the Federal Reserve”.)

Like any central bank, the Fed makes decisions based on the best interests of its international stockholders, not on the best interests of the country. That's why its decisions sometimes seem puzzling. (For a more detailed account, read the "HOW" and "WHY" blogs on the "Silver Savers Update" tab.)

Here’s an over-simplified explanation of the purposely complex process that is stealing your wealth. These financial elitists deceived congress in 1913 into granting a charter to their “front” corporation, the Federal Reserve, authorizing it to be the sole creditor of the U.S. government. The Fed creates “fiat” dollars out of thin air and loans them to the government in exchange for government bonds. (“Fiat” means the currency is not backed by gold or silver as required by the Constitution, only by faith in a government.)

Government bonds are simply glorified I.O.U.s, promising that all those fiat dollars (created from nothing) will be paid back to the Fed by the American people, with interest! THIS is where a giant portion of our national debt really comes from! In one way or another, most of it somehow makes its way back to the Federal Reserve’s stockholders either directly or indirectly! In reality, the Federal Reserve is responsible for nearly every economic problem our country has. The same is true for EVERY country whose currency is controlled by a central bank!

Also in 1913, the Internal Revenue Service was cleverly created, inside the 16th Amendment, which was pushed through congress by the same central banker-controlled politicians who ramrodded the Federal Reserve Act through congress. The IRS was created to fulfill the obligation that the government hung around the neck of the unsuspecting American public to pay “income taxes” for the purpose of “paying back” the Federal Reserve for the fiat dollars which the Fed, and the banking system that owns it, created out of thin air and “laundered” through the government and the American taxpayers! Americans didn’t pay “income taxes” before the creation of the Federal Reserve. (Watch the great video by Mike Maloney below.)

In essence, the government has allowed a privately owned corporation (the Federal Reserve) to control the medium of public exchange every American has to have – currency – and we are forced to pay for the privilege of having access to it!

Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s made the following observation. “…Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again… But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” [My emphasis]

By the way, the Fed pays NO income taxes on these billions of dollars and is the only organization in America set up to be immune from outside audit AND is outside of the daily control of Congress!

According to the U.S. Constitution, our currency should be printed, free of debt, by the U. S. Treasury Department, and backed by silver for stability. Then, the money would belong to the people, and there wouldn’t be that back-breaking, multi-trillion-dollar national debt or any loans to pay back! (No wonder there is such an attack on the Constitution by the financial elite and their political puppets.) Without the Fed, America would be the economic powerhouse that the country’s founders created it to be!

How This Wealth Transfer is Robbing You!

The Fed keeps the citizens relying on the “fiat currency” which the Fed is purposely and continuously devaluing by printing more and more worthless paper dollars (what the Fed calls “Quantitative Easing” or QE). This not only accelerates the national debt, but this excessive printing of paper money causes the purchasing power of your dollars to constantly shrink! (This is the real cause of inflation.)

According to, a 2016 “fiat” dollar was worth around 16% of a 1970 dollar which was backed by gold!

Meanwhile, while these elite financiers keep you and me trusting in their depreciating fiat currency, THEY themselves are quietly and constantly exchanging THEIR billions of digital fiat dollars (which THEY created out of thin air and “laundered” through us) for hard assets like silver, gold, land, skyscrapers, international companies, etc. THIS is the deliberate wealth transfer that is slowly destroying the middle class, and most Americans are kept ignorant of the process! Most people’s savings are in “fiat” dollars.

The international banking cartel has manipulated a system into existence that enables them to siphon off your wealth and create, out of nothing, the money with which to buy up the world!

Here’s what you must understand. The Fed was purposefully set up so that the amount of principle and interest owed to it by “the people” constantly increases faster than the money available to pay the debt. So, as long as there is a Federal Reserve, this national debt can do nothing else but continue to increase while YOUR purchasing power can do nothing but continue to decrease!

Our politicians have continually kicked this currency crisis down the road, and no one knows when this monetary house-of-cards will collapse! But, that day will eventually come. And, America is not the only country facing this impending currency crisis. Almost every country on the planet now operates with “fiat” Currency. This means that citizens in every country that has a central bank also face this same wealth-robbing currency crisis, and should also be saving silver!

When the currency crisis finally implodes, that doesn’t mean we’ll all be destitute or return to the dark ages or anything like that. It simply means the international banking cartel has a new set of financial rules already “re-written” and waiting in the wings. They plan to use the crisis to force their “solution” on us. Their solution may be to move us to a more trackable, digital “cashless” society, or to a new currency. But, the “new” rules will definitely be in their favor. Many think they could even restrict the average person’s access to silver and gold!

You are now the 1 in 100,000 who knows this truth!

printing money

Most citizens are urged to “save” depreciating fiat currency.


Central Bankers, turn THEIR currency into hard assets.

The Solution!

The International Silver Network Gives You TRUE Wealth, Not “Fiat” Wealth!

We can’t all purchase silver mines and skyscrapers. And, you and I are not going to change this system. But we CAN follow the lead of the “Wealth Thieves” and set our own families up for greater prosperity. Simply start exchanging a portion of YOUR depreciating dollars for the hard assets of silver or gold on a regular basis!

You can become a customer of ISN, saving silver or gold monthly. Or, you can start your own home-based, precious metals business and earn residual income through an 8 generation deep network of online “stores” where both customers and Affiliates world-wide can purchase $50,000 in gold or one Silver Eagle coin! As an Affiliate, your silver & gold savings will rapidly and exponentially multiply!

As an Affiliate with the International Silver Network, you can even choose to take your commissions in silver or gold instead of cash. This greatly accelerates your silver/gold accumulation process!

There is a much bigger cause at stake now than just the normal reasons for having a home-based business, which usually include – creating more “fiat” income, having extra “cash”, saving “dollars”, etc.

There is a “WHY” here, with URGENT relevance to our time in history, that is not addressed by other home-based marketing programs. Because of the accelerating Wealth Transfer taking place, it is not business “as usual” anymore! Literally, most of the world’s citizens are candidates to benefit from YOUR international online silver & gold “store”!

Why Silver and Gold?

Other companies revolve around constantly depreciating paper dollars. Even if you sell boatloads of product, you are paid in depreciating paper currency while your real financial wealth continues to swirl down the international banking cartel’s drain!

Silver and gold have maintained their purchasing power through every economic up and down for centuries and are recognized world-wide as the ONLY source of REAL “money”. Throughout history, ALL “fiat” currencies of every nation have eventually gone to ZERO! Every one! As hard as it may be for Americans to believe, the dollar will one day be no exception.

By “purchasing” silver, you are not saying good-bye to your money. You are merely changing its form. You are trading an inferior form of money (depreciating colored paper with a 100 year history of declining) for a more superior form of money that has a 5,000 year history of stability, and is poised to rise in value. You are actually “up-grading” your net worth, not “spending” your money. Isn’t that a smart thing to do?!

Silver (your “product”) can increase in value, making you wealthier at the end of the year, even if you never shared our opportunity with a soul! Your “product” doesn’t cost you money. Instead, it becomes the very thing that builds your true wealth! This is not just a win/win opportunity. It’s a slam dunk/slam dunk!

Here’s What We Know About Silver and Gold!

It can be “off the books”, meaning nobody knows how much you really have. It is not “trackable” like digital bank dollars. It cannot go to zero like currency. Banks and currency printers are hoarding it. (That alone is a tell-tale indicator.) It’s permanent! It’s great financial insurance, especially in an uncertain economy. It’s portable and easy to move. Precious metals create “legacy” wealth for your family and heirs. You can’t depend on the government or the political system to watch out for you. The responsibility to take financial care of your family is yours and yours alone!

Please watch the videos below, and then click on the gold, star-burst button toward the top of the page for details on how YOU can protect YOUR purchasing power and begin accumulating TRUE wealth, AND, also get a FREE gram bar of Silver!