Here's the Professional Home-Based Business You've Been Looking For!


  • To having to CONVINCE people that they need what you offer!
  • To warm market lists, home meetings, and bugging your friends!
  • To disappointing results and building your “network” at turtle speed!


  • To PRODUCTS that everybody already wants!
  • To being a respected, prosperous Silver and Gold entrepreneur!
  • To the seldom-revealed way that 99% of all the Top Earners in networking REALLY build their HUGE networks!

Whether you want a flourishing, home-based silver & gold business, just want a rapid way to save silver & gold monthly, or simply want to know what’s REALLY happening to America and how you can benefit from it, you must read the info on this site!

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All Silver and Gold pictures on this site are actual precious metal stacks earned by ISN Affiliates!

Hello! Welcome to Silver Savers Global! If you’re looking for that perfectly-timed home-based business, with universally sought after products that don’t need exaggerated sales pitches, you just found it! Welcome to a network/internet marketer’s dream! When you read the “Wealth Thieves!” page, you’ll realize how HUGE this is, not only in the U.S., but globally!

Invest a few minutes and review the information AND the videos on these pages, and you will be the 1 in a 100,000 who knows what is REALLY happening in our country! You’ll also know how to build personal wealth by helping people world-wide prosper from it! This is not just a win/win situation. This is a slam/dunk, slam/dunk, slam/dunk!

Appreciating Hard Assets or Depreciating Currency?

The number of competing network marketing products out there is overwhelming, isn’t it. There’s nutritionals, vitamins, yummy shakes and juices, skin care, lotions, vacations, gasoline, and hundreds of other competitive products. But, there’s only one problem. They ALL revolve around constantly depreciating paper dollars!

Silver and Gold, on the other hand, are recognized as the ONLY real source of stable “money” all over the world, and have maintained their purchasing power through every economic up and down for centuries! Which would you rather have a year from now: a box of silver and gold, or a box of worthless empty containers?

silver vs. consumable

Say Hello to the International Silver Network!

The International Silver Network (ISN) is a respected full service, precious metals company. We provide the hard assets of silver, gold and platinum bullion, and appreciating numismatic coins from around the world. But we do it like no other full service, precious metals company!

Instead of just selling bullion products on the internet or from a brick-and-motor building like other precious metal companies do, ISN has created a multi-tiered, direct sales marketing arm that rewards its home-based affiliates with a generous 8 generation deep compensation plan which pays you 9 different ways! (See the “Be a Top Earner!” page for income potential using the marketing method WE teach.)

There are lots of places where you can buy silver & gold. But ISN is the only full service, precious metals company I know of that also lets you EARN silver & gold to accelerate the accumulation process! After reading the “Wealth Thieves!” page you’ll understand why that is so important.

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We Don’t “Spend” Money — We Exchange Instability for Stability!

With ISN, you don’t “spend” money for products that get used up and you have to “spend” more money to replace those products the next month. With ISN you will simply “exchange” some of your rapidly depreciating paper dollars monthly for real money — safe, stable silver and gold. And then, put it in the safe and build a small fortune. And, that’s in addition to your growing residual income. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Normally, monthly product purchases are like “dues” you pay the company for the “opportunity” to possibly build a residual income. Whether you do build an income or not, the money you spent on those products is gone forever. With ISN, however, the product IS the very thing that builds your true wealth, in addition to a residual income. So the monthly product purchase is never a “loss” of money!

Not only do you wind up with a safe full of silver and gold that can be passed on to your heirs, but you will be wealthier at the end of the year, even if you never shared our opportunity with a soul! What other network marketing company can say that?!

silver and gold

You Can Take Your Commissions in Silver and Gold!

And, listen to this! When you earn weekly commissions, you can choose to take those commissions in cash, silver, gold, or any combination! And, the portion that you take in silver and gold, combined with the portion of commissions that all of your “downline” affiliates take in silver and gold, is all counted towards your next month’s group bonus volume because silver and gold ARE your product! You literally make commissions on your growing commissions, and that causes your residual income to grow exponentially! You can’t do that with consumables!

silver coins

Make Commissions on Silver & Gold Sales 8 Generations Deep!

Whether you or your customers want $50,000 in gold bullion or just one Silver Eagle coin from your international internet Gold and Silver “store”, YOU make a commission on EVERY “purchase” made through your store, not just on the monthly auto-shipments. PLUS, you ALSO make commissions on all the “purchases” made by all of your downline affiliates through their internet stores and by all of THEIR customers, 8 generations deep, every month! And with all the clamor for silver and gold filling the airways and the internet these days, that could add up fast!

ISN handles all of the sales and shipping details. AND, ISN has some of the lowest prices on the internet! ISN’s product line is World Class. Silver — Gold — Platinum — Numismatic Coins — Bullion Jewelry — ISN has it all! And, if you are not interested in building a home-based business, but simply want to protect your purchasing power from further shrinkage, you can open a free Silver and Gold Savings Account through ISN and begin accumulating hard assets on a regular basis!

ALSO, There’s a Unique “WHY” Behind This Opportunity!

Besides building a snowballing wealth and residual income, there is a “WHY” factor behind ISN that can’t be said for any other network marketing company out there! Don’t leave this site without reading the "Wealth Thieves" page! It explains what is happening in our country and how the International Silver Network can help you like no other network marketing opportunity can!

Our contact info is on the last page, and WE WELCOME QUESTIONS! Don’t wait! Give us a call!

Every minute you delay, inflation is stealing more of your money!

Please watch the short video below by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book, RICH DAD Poor Dad.